7 Things Guys Should Stop Doing on Online Dating Sites


Trying to be active and engaging on an online dating site can be disheartening, to say the least. The amount of crap that you have to sort through just to find a guy that isn’t a sexist pig, a serious creeper or about one step away from being a serial killer is no small task.

Once you get past the soon-to-be serial killers and creepers, you are then cast into the world of bad online dating profiles filled with desperation from guys who would do and say just about anything to get laid. I do mean anything. Here’s seven instant turn-offs that I’ve personally seen or in some cases received from guys on OkCupid.

1.) Sending an intro message, with the word, “Hey” or “Hi” and nothing else and expecting a reply. 

This is pretty much the equivalent of giving a “thumbs up sign” to every girl in the mall and then walking away.  I know it’s hard to write an intro message to a stranger. But, at least put a little effort into it, instead of just saying, hi.

2.) Sending photos of your junk in your intro message. (Yeah, that actually happened.)

Yeah, just don’t be that guy. Just don’t, please.

3.) If are more than 25 years older than the person, don’t message them. It’s kind of creepy. 

Unless the person specifically states in their profile that they only date older men, please don’t message a female who is more than 25 years younger than you. It’s just creepy. I really don’t want to date someone, who is old enough to be my father.

4.) Enough with the bathroom mirror selfie photos already. 

Enough with the bad selfies. There is nothing cute about taking a selfie in front of a dirty bathroom mirror. In fact, it actually makes you look kind of pathetic.

5.) While on the topic of photos, please refrain from using the profile photo where you have tried to “photoshop” your ex out of. 

I’d rather see a photo of you passed out drunk in the bathroom before I see a photo of you badly cropping out your ex from your profile photo. The extra legs and arms aren’t fooling anyone. K?

6.) Asking to have sex in your intro message.

While I respect the honestly, just like in point #2: Don’t be that guy. Just don’t be that guy.

7.) Finally, nothing screams “warm and fuzzy” quite like receiving a “form message” that you have clearly sent 100+ other ladies. 

Enough said.

What’s the worst online dating message you have received? Please share below in the comment section.

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