How To Find Yourself And Your True Calling In Your 20s

In my last post, I wrote about the importance of getting comfortable being uncomfortable in order to find happiness. I wanted to take that a step further and dive deeper into the root of all this. It’s about PASSION.

Well, more specifically, it’s about discovering and chasing your true talent. A subtle, but important difference.

I feel like our generation – that of Gen Y- throws this term, “passion,” around too lightly. It’s all about doing what you love. If there is one video that could sum this whole sentiment up, it’s the Holstee Manifesto.

The Holstee Manifesto Lifecycle Video from Holstee on Vimeo.

In theory, I think the Holstee Manifesto is brilliant, inspiring, motivational, and insert 10 other adjectives. However, I feel like many people have taken this completely out of context.

It starts something like this. Find something that you fucking love. Keep doing it. And, then auto-magically the money will follow. While that sounds wonderful on paper, That’s a really naive way to chase your passion.

Instead of trying to turn your passion into something that you do 24/7, where at some point you are just going to set yourself up for a date with burn out. It should instead be about discovery. It’s about exploring and figuring out what your God-given talent is and what you are meant to do on this Earth. It’s about making that true talent- that only you can bring to the table- a priority.

The scariest part is most people go through their entire life on auto-pilot and never have the chance to really live and breathe their true talent and potential day in and day out. I’m not sure about you – but that’s absolutely terrifying.

So, how do you dial down the auto-pilot signal and start living everyday to the fullest? To be totally honest, I’m not 100% sure. But, I do know that it starts by looking at yourself and occasionally looking to others around you to find inspiration on how to live their true calling day in and day out. Here’s examples of four badasses doing just that.

1. Tessa Marie 

“When our lives create a change in others, we have left our mark.”

For Tessa, her true talent is photographing. (Although I would add storytelling to this list, as this photography reel is nothing short of compelling and impactful). It’s about capturing the everyday moments of laughter, compassion and beauty in the lives around her.

Tessa Marie Photography – Defining a Legacy from 3Ring Weddings on Vimeo.

2. Matt Cheuvront

“This is a call not only to stop measuring ourselves by the accomplishments for others – but a call to do whatever it is you do exceptionally well. You’re not average, unless you convince yourself that you are.”

Matt is a serial entrepreneur and blogger. While he runs a branding agency in Nashville, called Proof Branding, I’ve been following his work since his freelance days and the humble beginnings of his personal blog, Life without Pants. While pretty much every post on both Life without Pants and the Proof Branding blog pack a fist full of awesomeness,  this post on the fear of being average resonates with me to the core. It’s about diving in deep, facing your fears head-on and going full throttle.

3. Greg Hartle
Would you give away all your possessions (minus $10 and a laptop) and set out on a cross-country journey? My guess is that you would look at me like a crazy person and say, “Hell no!” But, that’s exactly what Greg Hartle did.

After a traumatic personal health experience, he had an epiphany. He got rid of all of his possessions and set out on a cross-country journey with the goal to help folks and rebuild his life with scratch. His blog  and the experiences he details are absolutely fascinating and a must-read.

4. Colin Wright
Most people fantascize about traveling to exotic countries for long stretches of time. But, most never do it. Through his lifestyle design blog, Colin has literally packed up all of his things (which like Greg isn’t much, as he is a minimalist) and moved to a foreign country- decided purely by the readers of his blog- for three months. Multiple times. If that’s not a badass way to live, than I don’t know what is.

Whether you are a wedding photographer, an entrepreneur, serial adventurer, or just a typical 20-something in the midst of a quarter-life crisis, it should ultimately be about discovering what you were born to do and then chasing it.

What steps are you taking to live your dream life? I want to hear from you in the comment section below. 

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