5 Ways to Ensure Your Intro Message Will Be Remembered For All The Wrong Reasons (Or Completely Forgotten)

When it comes to online dating, guys statistically have a 25% chance of getting a reply back to their intro message. Girls have a slightly higher chance at 40% of getting a return message.

To improve the odds, I put together some tips to help you get more replies back to the all-important, first intro message.┬áHere’s 5 ways to ensure that your intro message will be remembered for all the wrong reasons (or completely forgotten).

1. Resist the urge to use a blanket form message.
Blindly copying and pasting the same, exact form message to 100 folks, right down to “Hey there,” is a great way to get ignored 100% of the time. When looking for love, the absolute least you can do is swap out, “Hey there,” for “Hey <insert Okcupid username>.”

2. Make sure to only talk about YOU.
The entire intro message should only talk about you and just how great you are. Don’t reference anything about their profile. It’s all about me-me-me. All this will do is raise a major red flag that you are a self-entitled, self-absorbed jackass.

3. Send an intro message with only the words, hi or hey.
A good intro message should range in length from 3 sentences to 3 short paragraphs. “Hi or Hey” should be reserved for starting a quick IM not for sending an actual intro message.

4. Send a five paragraph essay as your intro message.
At the same time, it’s also not the best idea to write a 5 paragraph essay or short novel as your intro message. Extra negative points if you get all philosophical in the message. Save that stuff for the second or third date!

5. Send a photo of your junk.
This should go without saying, but as someone who has personally been on the receiving end of many dick pic intro messages it had to be included. Nothing screams desperate or creepy more than sending a photo of your junk in an intro message to a complete stranger online.

What tips do you have for writing intro messages? Please share in the comment section below.


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